Am I repeating myself?

Am I repeating myself? Definitely... and entirely on purpose.

I liked this one painting so much, I decided to do it again, mostly because I wanted to see it bigger. Painting big is my therapy from working on illustration the other 6 days of the week... so bring out the barn sized brushes please!

Also, there's just something about having two of these paintings now... I could see going on and doing a dozen. I think it'd make an interesting gallery show, and the more of them I painted, the more it would be like being in the woods. Each one slightly different, but the same. I've noticed lots of painters seem to work in series like that... just doing the same subject over and over for their whole show. Why must an artist re-invent the wheel with each painting anyhow?

I really liked the American Masters PBS biography on Andy Warhol. At least I liked the painting parts... I can do without the self destructive people and drugs and movies. But the whole idea of mass producing paintings to sell seems very interesting to me. I suppose artists usually work in series anyhow, so why not just mass produce them and offer one in red, one in violet, one in green and one in yellow?


Not enough time... only one me

Just like always, it's almost impossible to work full time as an illustrator and still find time to paint. Especially when there's a house that needs painting (and still isn't done) along with umpteen other naggy little chores.

But there's only one me! But I still have my sights set on painting, and I still enjoy looking at my paintings every day... so my heart is still in it. Just I don't have the time.

I've been totally swamped with three large illustration projects... all at the same time and the dog days of summer have been hard to deal with too.

Oh well, no big deal... thinking about painting can be good too.