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This is a blog about my paintings on canvas. Thought I'd start it out and see if it might work as an online portfolio of sorts.

First off, here's a picture of my basement painting studio... which I mostly paint in on Sundays, seeing as how the other 6 days of the week I'm busy making illustration for children's publishing.

Might take a while to get this blog sorted out... We'll see how it works...

Anyhow... shown are some recent paintings done in a kind of expressionist abstract sculptural mode, which I'm partial to.

Paintings of woods and a stream done in a bit fauvist with crazy colors... believe me they were crazier to begin with!


At 3:16 PM, Blogger Mary Haverfield said...

Hi John,
I love your paintings as much as your illustrations. Have followed your blogs ever since I arrived at PBAA. I'm working my own blog now, trying to set it up on Blogger and struggling to climb up my own personal steep learning curve. I am hopelessly lo tech, but making progress. Both your blogs have been a big source of enjoyment and inspiration for me. Thought it was about time I told you so.

Mary Haverfield

At 4:49 PM, Blogger John Nez said...

Golly! THANKS Mary!

It's so nice of you to say that... I really mostly just blog for the fun of it. But that's good that you're getting going too. I find that after a number of years it's almost like a diary... which I never would have kept on my own.




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